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Exclusive videos from Kylie Jenner. Behind-the-scenes content, beauty tutorials and more.


5:08Kylie Jenner: Grinch Cupcakes with Stormi
1:54Behind the Scenes of my Kylie X Grinch Shoot
10:03Rating My Halloween Costumes
Rating My Halloween CostumesOgledi 7 mio.Pred mesecem
10:59Kylie Jenner: My Mom Does My Makeup
Kylie Jenner: My Mom Does My MakeupOgledi 9 mio.Pred mesecem
8:22Kylie Jenner: Halloween Cookies with Stormi
8:02What's In My Bag
What's In My BagOgledi 7 mio.Pred 2 meseci
6:57Behind the Scenes of My Sailor Photoshoot
Behind the Scenes of My Sailor PhotoshootOgledi 4,7 mio.Pred 2 meseci
KENDALL X KYLIEOgledi 3,1 mio.Pred 5 meseci
10:17Who’s Most Likely To... with my BFFs
Who’s Most Likely To... with my BFFsOgledi 8 mio.Pred 8 meseci
11:13Get Ready With Us: Kim and Kylie
Get Ready With Us: Kim and KylieOgledi 17 mio.Pred 10 meseci
6:24Kylie Jenner: Christmas Cookies With Stormi
8:59VLOG: My 2019 Christmas Decorations
VLOG: My 2019 Christmas DecorationsOgledi 19 mio.Pred 11 meseci
18:00Kylie Jenner - My Everyday Makeup Look
16:20Official Kylie Jenner Office Tour
Official Kylie Jenner Office TourOgledi 18 mio.Pred letom
20:36Drunk Get Ready with Me: Kylie and Khloé
3:50Sister Q&A - Khloé and Kylie
Sister Q&A - Khloé and KylieOgledi 10 mio.Pred letom
19:31Kylie Jenner: A Day in the Life
Kylie Jenner: A Day in the LifeOgledi 51 mio.Pred letom
2:15Kris Jenner Shares Her Kylie Skin Routine
0:46kylie skin - introducing my eye cream
kylie skin - introducing my eye creamOgledi 634 tis.Pred letom
0:39kylie skin - introducing my walnut scrub
GET READY WITH ME ON TOUR PT. 1Ogledi 13 mio.Pred 2 leti
1:45Kylie and Jordyn Behind the Scenes Q&A
Kylie and Jordyn Behind the Scenes Q&AOgledi 877 tis.Pred 2 leti
3:00Kylie Jenner: My Purse Closet Tour
Kylie Jenner: My Purse Closet TourOgledi 14 mio.Pred 2 leti
6:36Q&A with Kylie and Jordyn
Q&A with Kylie and JordynOgledi 11 mio.Pred 2 leti
11:33To Our Daughter
To Our DaughterOgledi 97 mio.Pred 2 leti
0:35Watch: BTS of Our Hollywood Reporter Shoot
0:22My Cinnamon Roll Waffles
My Cinnamon Roll WafflesOgledi 1 mio.Pred 3 leti
1:05Beauty Tutorial: Peach Perfect
Beauty Tutorial: Peach PerfectOgledi 245 tis.Pred 3 leti
0:37How to Look Like a "Bad Valentine"
How to Look Like a "Bad Valentine"Ogledi 147 tis.Pred 3 leti
0:36KYLIE'S CLIQUE: Victoria's Surprise Proposal
0:15KYLIE UP CLOSE: My Sexy Calendar Shoot
KYLIE UP CLOSE: My Sexy Calendar ShootOgledi 777 tis.Pred 4 leti
1:01All the Craziness From My Pop-Up Shop
All the Craziness From My Pop-Up ShopOgledi 323 tis.Pred 4 leti
0:30All the Merch in the Kylie Shop!
All the Merch in the Kylie Shop!Ogledi 98 tis.Pred 4 leti
1:14How Well Do You Know Kylie and Kendall?
How Well Do You Know Kylie and Kendall?Ogledi 1,6 mio.Pred 4 leti
1:22Lex and Liv: What You Need to Know
Lex and Liv: What You Need to KnowOgledi 300 tis.Pred 4 leti
0:45DOG DAZE: My Dogs Threw a Party!!!
DOG DAZE: My Dogs Threw a Party!!!Ogledi 192 tis.Pred 4 leti
1:01Watch Me Do Stas' Makeup
Watch Me Do Stas' MakeupOgledi 1,7 mio.Pred 4 leti
0:28Mermaid How-To with My Trick Lip Kit!
Mermaid How-To with My Trick Lip Kit!Ogledi 110 tis.Pred 4 leti
0:22Deer How-To with 4 Kylie Cosmetics Products
0:49KYLIE UP CLOSE: Kylie Rumors True or False
0:16How to Blend Lip Kits to Make a New Shade!
0:37KYLIE'S CLIQUE: I Let Harry Dress Me!
KYLIE'S CLIQUE: I Let Harry Dress Me!Ogledi 373 tis.Pred 4 leti
0:19My KyShadow Kit: Behind the Packaging
My KyShadow Kit: Behind the PackagingOgledi 241 tis.Pred 4 leti
1:54Knock, Knock, Who's There? Kylie!
Knock, Knock, Who's There? Kylie!Ogledi 142 tis.Pred 4 leti
7:27KYLIE GLAM: Introducing My KyShadow Palette!
0:14Best Lip Kit Shades For Your Skin Tone
Best Lip Kit Shades For Your Skin ToneOgledi 215 tis.Pred 4 leti
0:13KYLIE GLAM: Beauty Bits - Modern Smokey Eye
0:11KYLIE GLAM: Beauty Bits - The Perfect Cat Eye
0:13Beauty Bits: My French Braid
Beauty Bits: My French BraidOgledi 99 tis.Pred 4 leti
0:13KYLIE GLAM: Beauty Bits - Rocker Hair
KYLIE GLAM: Beauty Bits - Rocker HairOgledi 71 tis.Pred 4 leti
0:20KYLIE GLAM: The Ultimate "Bronzed Babe"
KYLIE GLAM: The Ultimate "Bronzed Babe"Ogledi 288 tis.Pred 4 leti
0:16KYILIE UP CLOSE: Lip Kit Gloss Lunch
KYILIE UP CLOSE: Lip Kit Gloss LunchOgledi 167 tis.Pred 4 leti
0:33KYLIE GLAM: Maroon + Purple = The Murp
KYLIE GLAM: Maroon + Purple = The MurpOgledi 221 tis.Pred 4 leti
KYLIE UP CLOSE: Paper Mag BTSOgledi 138 tis.Pred 4 leti
0:37KYLIE GLAM: Tokyo Stylez on My Wig History
0:14SO DOWN: My Favorite Beauty Products RN
SO DOWN: My Favorite Beauty Products RNOgledi 299 tis.Pred 4 leti
0:16KYLIE GLAM: Travel Makeup
KYLIE GLAM: Travel MakeupOgledi 469 tis.Pred 4 leti
0:15KYLIE UP CLOSE: BTS of My Orlando Trip
KYLIE UP CLOSE: BTS of My Orlando TripOgledi 105 tis.Pred 4 leti
0:40COOKING WITH KYLIE: Karrueche's Tacos
COOKING WITH KYLIE: Karrueche's TacosOgledi 524 tis.Pred 4 leti
0:28KYLIE GLAM: Smokey Rock Star
KYLIE GLAM: Smokey Rock StarOgledi 551 tis.Pred 4 leti
0:26COOKING WITH KYLIE: Candied Yams
COOKING WITH KYLIE: Candied YamsOgledi 749 tis.Pred 4 leti
0:31KYLIE GLAM: Jordyn Glam - Light Smokey Eye
0:31KYLIE KARES: Boxes of Love with Courtney Sixx
0:15Lip Kit Secrets
Lip Kit SecretsOgledi 485 tis.Pred 4 leti
0:15Pillow Talk: Clapping Back
Pillow Talk: Clapping BackOgledi 194 tis.Pred 4 leti
0:14PILLOW TALK: Sister Love
PILLOW TALK: Sister LoveOgledi 193 tis.Pred 4 leti


  • Is it just me or maybe she didnt get liposuction because her lips are way thinner without lipliner

  • Kylie is such a good mom. You can tell stormi is being raised right.

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  • Stormi is adorable

  • stormi is the sweetest!

  • Am I the only one who thinks that Stormi is so cute and that Kylie is an amazing mom anyone could wish for like she uses her money to give gifts to her family and to make stormi happy but still gives her true love and a mom to live on like shes not like a rich mom that doesn't have time for her kids and think that "money should make them happy money is happiness" like she the example of a good mom hope you see this Kylie you are a great mom you inspire me to be a good person

  • kylie : sae bye to that camera stormi : bye that camera the baste kylie and storme aver you soooo cute

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  • Kylie and stormi are sooo cute there are the perfect mom and daughter btw love you Kylie and stormi

  • I love them but I don 't Speak almost english but I admire them a lot, Estormy is a little angel and your kylie is unique

  • Shes so cute 😍😍😍❤❤❤

  • Stormi : « i love you so much » Kylie: « i love you more » Stormi :’re so beautiful » it’s too cute for me. 🥺


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  • 2:37 why is no one talking about how kylie is educating stormi to say “thank you”

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  • It is important to find out the truth about your relationship and plan out your next steps. @steve.watcher on Instgram gave me access to my spouse social accounts and he's just the best !! 😁

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