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  • Cornbread maxwell not a good player in what world is that true Cornbread was awesome in the NBA finals and was doing the fakers high fives

  • Thy gotta cut people off if they don't agree

  • Donavon Mitchell is the Best Young Star 💯

  • You have had Drazen Petrovic, Toni Kukoc, Dino Raja and still have Bojan Bogdanovic from Croatia You have had Vlade Divac, Peja Stojakovic, Radmanovic, Rebraca, Milicic, Pavlovic, Krstic and still have Jokic, Bogdan Bogdanovic and Bjelica from Serbia You have Teletovic and Nurkic from BiH You have had Nikola Mirotic and still have Nikola Vucevic from Montenegro You have had Nesterovic and still have Dragic and Luka Doncic from Slovenia It was all one country once upon a time :)

  • Being a journalist means you are critical of everyone and you don’t play favorites so Rob Parker is hated on because he doesn’t have his pets or idols

  • Luka like Jamie is ball hogging and just like Jamie he wants all the credit but no blame for losing

  • Jordan didn't ever win anything on his own

  • This show proves that, these "MORONS " don't know "ANY " more than anybody else...the only difference is that, they are on what they call a platform...period.

  • You're so full of it

  • I am not a Bucks fan, but 3yrs is not long. Loss to Toronto - Toronto wins Finals Loss to Miami - Miami made the Finals If they lose to the Nets and Nets win or make the Finals. I mean they aren't loosing to bad teams. He need Dame Time to stretch floor. Hahah..

  • Chris always flip flop

  • If Mike got a Statue, he should’ve got one too

  • The difference is that American talent doesn’t get to play professionally at age 15.

  • Ugly Rob sup??

  • jordans documentary didnt lie about pippen but for those who never watched him play it did tarnish his legacy a bit. this book im assuming will do the same thing but like the video says it will not really affect mj. hes too above reproach and myth the media has created around jordan will outweigh all of his flaws. pippen was the great leader of that dynasty while jordan led only with his scoring and competitive nature. jordan didnt elevate anyones game except pippen, everyone else couldnt take his verbal abuse. so in hindsight jordan put fear in his teammates while scottie actually told them what to do to be better, like a leader/captain should do. this book will not surprise those who followed those 90s bulls closely but it will stir up the goat conversation for sure between the current golden child (lebron james) and mj. pippen was great and he complimented jordan perfectly and vice versa. but i feel pippens play is built for great team success and jordans skills is more for individual accolades. im buying this book regardless, its going to be a must have for 90s nostalgia!

  • portland needs to do everything they can for dame he’s the only one keeping that franchise afloat

  • Put some respect of Scottie pippen name. They both needed eachother

  • Bro just no more 3s that’s all I want. 😂

  • Always knew Bo wasn’t a nice person. Now his son just proved it. Very sad, the University needs to remove Schembechlers name from all buildings and the statue.

  • What did rob say when the lakers lost game 1?

  • Rob is so trash to watch and listen to. 1. Is too stubborn to have any objective take 2. 100% of the time he is on his phone. 3. Never does his research to back up his points he just spews his bias 4. He ignores any reasonable statement his cohost brings forth unless he agrees with it

  • It’s over and jass will win all

  • Pip hardly said anything in that description that Jordan didn't say in his HOF Speech

  • Deron Williams!! Guess we forgot about him lol.

  • Media comes on tv and radio bash guys for not performing.. how u expect them to put up big numbers when Luka hugging the ball

  • Wow Rob Parker finally made sense it's obvious how soft the NBA has gotten we are playing european-style basketball therefore European players are going to dominate at an earlier age because they've been playing this type of basketball professionally since they've were 14 years old

  • Fundamentals is a lost art in the states

  • The next decade is going to be insane with all the young talent in the league

  • Scottie Pippen is 100% correct if you like it or not what I’ll Scotty there is no six rings there is no banners in Chicago and it’s been proven Jordan came in 84 And did not start winning until Scotty got there give this man his just do it’s been overdue Jordan is nothing without Scotty

  • Rob don’t like the L names.. he doesn’t like Lebron and now he don’t like Luka 😂

  • No Pistol Pete ?

  • Someone needs to introduce Trae Young to what Nick Wright got

  • I’m surprised a lot of sports media still pronounce Jokić’s first name incorrectly. It should be pronounced the same as “Nikola” in “Nikola Tesla” right?

  • Why does KD need to shoot more 3s? Shooting more 3s will just make him be less efficient. Yeah he might shoot a higher % from 3 even with the higher volume but his overall field goal % will get lower the more 3s he shoots

  • Yep. He should be fired

  • Mj is the goat but you two are obnoxious. Pippen was a beast. No 6 rings without him

  • Olajuwon, Mutombo, Nowitzki, Longley, Peja, Drazen, Parker, Pau, Kukoc and many others.

  • Dude is in the NBA but can’t afford a decent barber. Sad

  • Rob thinks International players are winning because of style of play. Lmao what a joke? It’s obviously a better style or play. Can the man ever just give credit? Shameless

  • But American players going to College often don't graduate. No time. Too many games to play. KD, Westbrook they graduated when they were already playing. And are they really International? Embiid even Ayton they are in the US since their early teens. How foreign is that? Some are really International but not many.

  • Address the questions y'all, or zaddy won't let y'all?? COWARDS!!

  • Scottie did better without Mike than Mike did without scottie, right? First round exit for Mike, second for scottie.

  • Zeke at #4 All Time PGs is blasphemous.

  • From Serbia stupid.

  • Adrian Dantley and Deron Williams were pretty good Utah players as well.

  • The diff between USA and EU players started to shrink in late 80's, when EU players began to work on athletics and started to Use heavy weights. Also : 1. We pay attantion on fundamentals and skills much more 2. We teach kids how to play smart and the right way 3. No matter of height and position , kids learn to use all the skills and techniq at young age. Thats why we have so MUCH great "BIGS" in NBA for the last decade. Also... Dont look at Luka as something normal. His path is unique. Nobody else has had such a path to The star dom. One in a MILION. More ordinary path is from Giannis and Jokić. They have "moved upstairs" in NBA, working with good coaches and trainers. Players at age 19-22 are, mostly, just talents. How (and if) they upgrade their talent into ALLSTAR or Elite status, is up to them. Hard work, focus and dedication prevail. Most of the talents have failed at This point.

  • Many in our community think being the best revolves around scoring. Magic doesn't have a high scoring average but all the things he does on the court surpasses what a scorer does. He is not only getting points but getting others points at a high level.

  • Did y’all forget about the nuggets last year coming back from 3-1 twice

  • They are trying to replace African American players. They’ve been doing this throughout the country in all industries. African Americans are being replaced by ppl who won’t challenge white supremacy. Kyrie Irving is a prime example why they’d rather have international players they shut up an dribble

  • He can’t make adjustments, and Giannis still hasn’t improved his shooting. It’s easier getting rid of the coach than your star player. Superstars don’t come to a small market like Milwaukee as FA, so it’s once in a lifetime that they find a superstar in Greece. It’s easier replacing the coach.

  • Bucks are playing against a superteam......bucks have one star who can't really shoot. Its a almost impossible task....if anything the gm should be fired.

  • Wow, history is against someone's future, that's a stretch...

  • All the excuse making in the comments, Rob is right. Luka was up 2-0 & lost all his home games... that’s awful. Baby bird?? I need to see it.

  • MJ is 1982 NCAA Champion with GAME WINNER without SCOTTIE PIPPEN! Now, What did Scottie win wihtout MICHALE JORDAN?................. Still Waiting..................

  • I can’t believe rob actually said something worth listening to. He knows everything ain’t to be repeated

  • Looking at it from the outside?!? I thought Chris was an insider. This dude if full of “hot takes”. Home teams are suppose to win at home . It’s first to four.

  • Just because Luka is out already, doesn’t mean he wasn’t the hottest young player. None of these young dudes are winning the Finals either way, so I don’t see the preference they’re given

  • Overrated constantly hunts for fouls by jumping into people doesn’t play real basketball but the media loves anybody that shoots a bunch of 3’s foh dude is so overrated beat a whack ass knicks team

  • U know it’s bad for Nick when even Rob Parker calling him “Nick Wrong” 💀💀💀💀💀

    • Everyone knows that all nick’s analysis is born of either lebron love, mahomes love, or hate or everyone else damn near that opposes either one of his guys

  • Rob trying to make it seem like the Clippers beating the Mavs is some upset. IT WASNT. They were the 3 seed and have 2 of the 3 best players on the court, they also have a much deeper roster. The fact that they even let it get to 7 games is shameful. They should have sent the one man show home in 5. Instead the Mavs gave em all they can handle. Now U expect me to believe they’re gonna come back against a Jazz team who is deeper, plays tougher, can shoot better, and hasn’t even had their second or third best player in either of the first two games they won?? Yeah, nah. I don’t see it. Jazz in 5

  • He will always be ROBIN never BATMAN 💯

  • Mr. Brown sounded pretty chill & credible. Intelligent people always attract that “12 year old, school yard make fun of, moronic, exaggerated comments”. You guys’ve full marks in this area.

  • Mike 'Mr. Regular Season" Budenholzer

  • I wish Scottie had the same energy with Malik Beasley.

  • Rob is the only one that makes any sense.. EVER

  • I'll ask the question that the media is scared to ask. If that doctor had that type of protection could it mean that others had the same type of behavior and the problem is larger than "one bad apple"?

  • Bud don’t coach, no adjustments. Why have Greek bring the ball down and can’t shoot? He should be in post. Not at 3 pt line

  • Rob Parker mentally owning Broussard

  • I’m assuming this guy was a pitch??

  • KD cry baby ass said it

  • Luka is a ballhog and takes forever to make plays! At least Lebron plays at a faster pace! I wouldn't mind Luka with Damian Lillard it would speed up the game and spread the floor!

  • Portland could've picked MJ and not Bowie. MJ and Drexler would've won 6 or more rings. Drexler is an underrated defender, he's just right behind Scottie in the all time steals list, but a way better scorer.

  • Kp cant do it in his own like that he can’t take the ball and go off the dribble or really do anything he can’t even post up 6’3 players

  • Most people forgot that they beat the Clippers without Mike Conley on the lineup.

  • Here we go again. Syndicated sports radio show using a mans career for views.

  • Agree with Rob on this take. The series does not start until the home team loses. The Clippers has to win a game in Utah and 4 out of the next 5 games. Utah has been a great home court for the Jazz and I do not see them losing game 7, if the series goes that far. Utah will advance to the Conference Finals.

  • No one messing with jay Williams after that lol

  • The NBA is trying to go putting these players in spotlight is the move.

  • Bout time someone clowned this jay willams fool always gave me a fake vibe they all do but especially him

  • No u don’t fire the guy if they lose to this Brooklyn team, last year u had the messed up pandemic bubble season and the yea before that u lost to the team that won the finals