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1:35NBA Top 5 Plays Of The Night | June 23, 2021
0:08Trae After Stealing Game 1: 👆 | #Shorts
0:22These Suns Fans Went Wild 🤯 | #Shorts
2:02NBA Top 5 Plays Of The Night | June 22, 2021
0:08POV: Ayton's GAME-WINNING Dunk! 😲 | #Shorts


  • Trae didn't have to be this disrespectful 4:52

  • I like the confidence Trae plays with! He’s unfazed and seems to live for this big time stage!

  • You know you have bounce when they need to put the equipment on a stand to even measure your vertical... UNREAL

  • I loved Reggie miller’s call of this game, he’s just in astonishment at trae

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  • Carmelo Anthony is the greatest Hawk ever. Trae is 2nd

  • I’m convinced trae young is an alien

  • Wilt is rolling in his grave

  • Was the defeat even surprising? I’ve seen it from the beginning, the Bucks played like it was the regular season, the played like a B*. That was upsetting.

  • I think Atlanta beating 76ers sky rocketed their confidence a 1000 times. God damn Trae shaking his shoulder and hitting the three!

  • This going 7, bout to be a great series

  • Trae is a lot better than Paul George at last seconds. Paul is chicken.

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  • where are their masks?????

  • Jrue Holiday was traveling there big time. He made 4 or 5 steps before the dunk. So sad NBA respects the rules of basketball less and less. 😑

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  • Note to self: If Hawks are down bad, don't look away

  • His floater, like tony parker, instoppable!

  • The most fascinating part about this play isn't the alley oop It's how a guard, Booker, was the one who set a screen for the big man Ayton

  • Should be hawks vs nets the bucks are a joke

  • Hands down lebron james and kyrie irving duo and their comeback from 3-1 deficit is the Greatest of all time. The bestttttt ever to do it. He promised and he deleivered thats what legend is all about everytime #16Finals #LBJ #cavs #irving #besttttever

  • Dipsey do

  • Trae "East Steph Curry" Young 💯

  • Go Hawks. Screw the media for talking down about them.

  • I belive this is the right time for gianis to win it all!

  • Anyone watch breaking bad??? He sounds like Walter whites son.

  • Lopez is just letting trae shoot them floaters

  • Jusy one game don't over react! remeber brooklyn series! 1st two game!

  • I want bucks to win


  • And he’s only 6’1, that should give you confidence gentleman. You doing have to be a giant like Ben Simmons 💀

  • This aged well

  • Brag trae was open the whole gameeee

  • If the hawks go to the finals ... 🤯 ice trae just made the whole east look silly

  • Hawks in 4 -Sixers fan

  • Pray for knees 🙏

  • paul gorge watching ...

  • boaring commentator!!

  • Damn young is a beast frfr...I would've loved too see him and my boy kyrie go at it...unfortunately my team lost but gotta give respect where it's due...

  • Probably one of the bucks big mistakes was dunking, it probably wasted most of there energy

  • Trae is built for this now that’s mamba mentality him and d book built

  • Bucks easy $ for guards with handles and shooting styling on them like Kyrie (before they took him out lol) and now Tre. They like 🦌 in 💡

  • Who is the designer of bucks uniform. That is very ugly honestly!

  • 12 and 19. Them some Rodman numbers. Young is not shy or scared of the moment. U can see some killa in him .

  • I can jump that higher than that I'm just shorter than those guys XD

  • If Trae Young could do this in one game, KD should have taken the Nets to the final by himself. This man makes 48 points looks easy. KD scored 48 and almost die. come on man.

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  • lol this comments section is filled with trolls and mj fanboys lord help these people.

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  • Useless if you jump higher in NBA. If you can't shoot free throw and defend!

    • @Joo Won Lee Really good! I don't see him play. I hope Sixer will draft him. Simmons suck!

    • he is a good defender...

  • Its really how clutch you can be at the last moments.

  • Ben simmons still couldn’t hit the shot

  • Giannis would be so annoying to defend, always grabbing you while he’s setting screens, moving and pushing while screening. He needs to learn the rules and learn how to take jumpshots.

  • You ain’t winning no chip with Pat Connaughton shooting big time shots in the playoffs 🤣

  • I picked the Hawks to win in 6 against the Bucks.Reggie Miller is right Trae Young is a bonafide superstar.

  • It blows me away that the Bucks didn’t target Trae constantly when running their offensive sets.

  • sixers were a tougher team than the bucks, embiid and curry couldnt miss, and as bad as simmons was on offense he was causing alot of headaches for young on defense.

  • Lmao!!! Trae Young with the shoulder shake tho!!! That was the highlight!! 🤣🤣🤣

  • His nickname should be "The Villain". Dude's an arrogant killa but cool.

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  • If the bucks get down 2-0.. 🧹🧹

  • imagine somehow trae got injury on game 3 after win streak on game 1 and 2

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  • The nets bench tho 💀

  • Ben Simmons averaging 29 10 and 15 with the Shanghai Sharks:

  • Bucks Looked Like A Deer In Head Lights... 🤣😂

    • @Macabree .. I'll See You In these Comments After Game 2 .. 👍🏿👍🏿

    • @Maurice Brodie go on..

    • @Macabree .. It Doesn't Matter What The Team Lost By 3 or 20... Bucks Have The Better Team... The Bucks have A Coach that's slow To Make the Player Adjustments needed to match up against the Hawks..

    • @Maurice Brodie i don't understand

    • Coming off that Huge Win Against The Nets.. This Was A Huge Lost.. Sorry But Not Sorry.. 😂🤣

  • Future legend

  • No one gonna mention how last years ECF was #3 seed vs #5 seed and 5th seed won?🤔

    • No because are people are tired of sheep minded people starting their comments with "no one gonna..." Its really played out and annoying

  • Tre in the playoffs is like a real David vs Goliath metaphor😏

  • The NBA has gotten wayyyyyy better with its talent

  • Trae Day y’all better stop playing wit em💯💯💯

  • Still can’t believe the foul wasn’t called