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Beloved "Saturday Night Live" personality - and the longest serving anchor on the show's wildly popular "Weekend Update" - Seth Meyers takes over as host of NBC's "Late Night," home to A-list celebrity guests, memorable comedy and the best in musical talent.
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4:34Kurt Vile: Speed of the Sound of Loneliness
1:10Seth Shares What He Is Thankful for This Year
5:54John Oliver Literally Blew Up the Year 2020
1:45Joe Biden's Transition Priorities
Joe Biden's Transition PrioritiesOgledi 300 tis.Pred 4 dnevi
3:35Jeff Tweedy: Gwendolyn
Jeff Tweedy: GwendolynOgledi 14 tis.Pred 5 dnevi
8:47Rich Eisen Has a Cameo in The Last Dance
7:19Joe Biden Was Starstruck Meeting Michael Moore
5:22Hugh Grant Declares Paddington 2 a Masterpiece
4:11LP: The One That You Love
LP: The One That You LoveOgledi 25 tis.Pred 11 dnevi
2:29Trump Claims He Won the Election
Trump Claims He Won the ElectionOgledi 565 tis.Pred 12 dnevi
2:33Lutz Has a Green Screen at Home
Lutz Has a Green Screen at HomeOgledi 34 tis.Pred 17 dnevi
2:29Trump Claims He Will Win Wisconsin
Trump Claims He Will Win WisconsinOgledi 646 tis.Pred 17 dnevi
8:17Ta-Nehisi Coates on Joe Biden’s 2020 Victory
3:05Trump Might Consider a 2024 Presidential Run
3:21Late Night Writer Jeff Wright Says Bye to Seth
3:35John Legend: Wild
John Legend: WildOgledi 26 tis.Pred 19 dnevi
2:42Seth Meyers Shares a Story About Joe Biden
Seth Meyers Shares a Story About Joe BidenOgledi 687 tis.Pred 19 dnevi
2:18Joe Biden Elected President of the United States
5:40Leslie Jones Compares Trump to an Angry Child
2:08Trump Threatens to Fire Dr. Anthony Fauci
Trump Threatens to Fire Dr. Anthony FauciOgledi 267 tis.Pred 26 dnevi
3:17Tracy Chapman: Talkin' 'Bout A Revolution
Tracy Chapman: Talkin' 'Bout A RevolutionOgledi 880 tis.Pred 26 dnevi
4:02Sleaford Mods: Mork N Mindy
Sleaford Mods: Mork N MindyOgledi 44 tis.Pred mesecem


  • I remember when trump got Butthurt at the G6 summit or (the one he demanded they add Russia back?) because Boris and Justin (Trudeau) laughed at him and talked smack in interviews behind Trump’s back about how dumb he is? So, Trump got mad and left (like the odd child at a sleepover) Oh AND he threw candy at Angela Merkel! This is why the rest of the world now laughs at us instead of respecting us. Our fearless leader acts like a spoiled child in front of other World Leaders. So, I ask Trumpers, WHY do you think he is so amazing?

  • I’m thankful for my nephew being born this year and that Trump fucking lost.

  • O my Goodness this would be sooo funny if was not so Sad that it's happening in America Love Your show God Bless America Thank You for what You said America Thank You too 💙

  • How about you guys get back to comedy .the propaganda lame jokes are a buzz kill. We get it Hollywood for Biden, Trump bad. The reality is Biden votes that gave him the presumptive win were almost all through Mail-in ballots ( He is still not official, The Media does not make the rules) CNN in Talk/comedy show makeup- - Never in our entire History has any state turned in 100% of the vote Point 1. All the countries in Questioned turned in over, "I repeat " Over 100% of the votes available. Never has there been such a huge curve. Point 2: How do you get over a 100 if there is only 100? What happens when you count your register, and it's over, even by a penny? (you recount because it means there is an error or theft. Pont 3: All the mail-in Ballots came in exclusively for Bidden in states Trump was up by large numbers. Do you believe that with a candidate, no one was excited about with a running mate that could not even win 2% of her party's vote? Generated more votes than Obama in 2008? and that's just the tip of the iceberg." It's a simple Audit and recounts your money register! if Biden won so be it! you can even keep the late votes, just throw out the frauds and rest those behind the fraud. problem solved! I know when my cash register came up off,/the first thing I wanted to be done and the bosses was a recount.! no argument

  • Yesssss the meyers!!! I need a SLnumber channel of y’all please 😩😩😩

  • R.I.P Headphones users 5:52

  • Ok seriously though how is Josh NOT Kyle Mooney? Has anyone ever seen them in a room together before?? Somehow I fucking doubt it

  • The DOW broke 30k because Wallstreet is ecstatic that Trump LOST!

  • So sweet!

  • Upon hearing of the assassination of the Iranian Scientist today in Iran I am convinced that it is of the utmost importance that Trump is removed from this office immediately cloaked in his deliberate ongoing war on our democratic system. Will someone or group stop this evil man before he topples the entire world into chaos and a third world war! Oh yeah, I'm a nut you say, I hope your right but he is not giving up that office without a huge confrontation!!! The more chaos the better!!! Period.

  • Yet no stimulus to help the tax payers!

  • This is the kind of man that embodies the US. Also this is the kind of stories we need to see from the States here, from across the pond, so can rest assured that there are still good and brave people over there.

  • Did she really say "I will blow up Georgia" and "it will be biblical"? Sounds like religious extremist terrorism to me 😉

  • Best comment on this video: Trump "everyone is against me" That's usually how you lose an election, if everyone is against you.

  • President Reject is really desperate!

  • Ad gag laws??? How is that not an infringement of Freedom of Speech?

  • Your right a story that's real not BS news spun trash like usual.

  • Those 11 further dislikes are from Andy Samberg

  • We love you, too!!!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️❤️

  • Okay, Seth's Mum was the best.

  • Josh Meyers lives like a movie star.

  • 1. seth is getting hotter 2. his trump impression is so good lmao

  • I love Seth’s brother’s dog giving him the side eye when he’s talking about his hate for turkeys.

  • Poshie ?

  • He is awesome

  • That's why this song is made for Trump; Share and enjoy

  • ... and here we are again. White men talking about how unreasonable it is to believe that a man who blatantly committed crimes "probably won't go to jail". Simply acknowledging white male privilege in the United States. The evidence against Trump would put any woman or person of color in jail without question and no one would be talking about how unreasonable it is to assume it would happen.

  • Seth...Thankful for being smart enough to know I better read my SJW teleprompter so my audience doesn't realize I'm just another white privileged multimillionaire who could easily donate half of his worth to feed starving kids or dig wells in undeveloped countries. Just saying.

  • Happy Thanksgiving, Meyers'ss!

  • Seems like he's pardoning a lot of Turkey's BOOST IMMUNE SYSTEMS and be safe

  • Brave man , be great

  • Trump is colder than Mr Freeze.

  • I love how Oliver tries to assimilate so completely to the American way. He even says 'gasoline' rather than 'petrol,' but he still manages to say it in a quintessentially British way.

  • Who filmed him doing it and did nothing?

  • I grew up in Florida, and he’s lucky that was a small gator or that puppy would have been a chicken nugget

  • The fact that he didn't loose his cigar while wrestling that alligator elevates the badassness of this story to a completely new level

  • Nothing's stopping you from getting together with your family, Seth. This is depressing to watch.

  • I love that they didn't censor her middle finger.

  • another day without evidence....

  • That 30,000,00 is due to Biden coming in and him leaving

  • Happy thanks giving to all,

  • When did this turn into a podcast channel?? Lmaooo. But I really do wish Seth Meyers would adopt a more chill format like that and kinda just let go. It always feel like he's playing for an audience and never being quite 100% genuine.

  • What will happen first? Will Matt Damon be peacefully invited as a Guest by Kimmel? Will we learn about Seth's migrating tree frog? Will we get to see all those celebrity noses on Corden's show? Will Fallon be funny? Ok, I might have exaggerated on the last one :D

  • My God this guy is living on what planet? He is in need of medication put him to sleep until Jan 20, then just take him out of the White House like you take out the trash. Leave him on the curb for pick up

  • You forgot your quarantine family "Sea Captain," I can hear his voice from across the sea... " don't be skimpy on the gravy"

  • Old English Sheepdogs are wonderful - lovely to see him - not so many of them around these days

  • Why dont he go somewhere and cry baby that what he sound like he dont understand that there are more peoples that hate him than like him,, you get that old man....over 80 thousands votes than your mire voters. So belive it bob...

  • Respect to Richard!


  • how was this a fake hearing? did you watch it? the testimonies were very unsettling. regardless of who is running in the election, the eye witness evidence is damning to our democracy

  • Spives like us!

  • Go josh!!!! Love you spreading the turkey truths.

  • they transformed Mark Hamill into Antony Hopkins

  • I don't "appreciate it" in the slightest.

  • Josh is having fun with this. I like his delivery more than Seth's lol.

  • The irony that the ones responsible for spreading hate, and fake news is also getting tired of it 😏

  • Seth knows what side of his bread is buttered

  • After Mom dropped her stuff, I thought Dad would roll off his rollers.

  • I literally tweeted this story at Late Night a few days ago hoping that they use it for this segment. I'd like to think they picked it up thanks to my tweet LOL

  • Good old SLnumber had recommended the video a week or so ago. I had to watch it several times.

  • You are not funny at all.

  • Dominion has no connection to Venezuela and all voting systems have to be certified by the U.S. Election Assistance Commission. Dominion voting systems are only responsible for tabulating the ballots. There is still a paper trail and the hand recount in Georgia shows that there was no manipulation of data. Sidney Powell is literally making accusations with no evidence or basis in fact.

  • The myers family are so relatable 😚

  • The news stinks right now you said...why not talk about Diaper Don? C'mon, I dare you!!!

  • Wow what a freak show.

  • looks like a baby alligator

  • Liberal lunatics.. never ceases to amaze me

    • And people rather vote against a man who loves his country, when the other candidate is a senile old man who makes a complete fool of himself almost every day, who's in bed with china, gotcha.. gz americans, you're now a laughing stock of the world. Gaffe after gaffe after gaffe.. Tara reade is proud.

  • Hi Amy from your hometown Castle Rock Colorado!! Love you💗

  • David Cross?

  • Great story. Lovely man.

  • It’s Amazing to hear that Trump hasn’t been to a Covid meeting in 5 months but he has played Golf nearly every day, Gross Dereliction of Duty, just no Excuse good Ridance

  • Embarrassing. OMG

  • Smallpox was used as a chemical weapon to help exterminate entire populations of indigenous people, so the settlers could keep their land-grabbing tirade. Making this kind of joke is equivalent to joke about a nazi giving a Jewish person a gas shower kit. The fact that this joke was made during Indigenous People's Heritage month makes it even more tone deaf and disrespectful. I love Seth and the show, and hope they will be more sensitive to minoritized people's struggles in the future. I'm sure they could have come up with better jokes about how cranberry stinks.

  • President Trump never say he will run again in 2024, why would he? He is the President of the United States of America that you media never accepted it before until today, hypocrisy, STOP the lies...cut the nonsense...

  • Remind me to do a tech check with my parents before our next Zoom. 😂

  • He deserves the medal of freedom more than Rash Limbog did.

  • Uggh what an ugly family

  • okay seth.... when are we getting the next royal watch?? john clearly meant for this to be a series and I would quite enjoy that :)

  • The weak writing not on the wall he got himself elected he stumbled and then took a fall oh yes he took a fall.

  • Did Mom call Seth Soupie ?