Beast Reacts

Beast Reacts Beast Reacts

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Chris and the MrBeast crew roast and review the internet's favorite life hacks and experiments.


8:02Cycling On Ice!
Cycling On Ice!Ogledi 2,8 mio.Pred dnevom
6:12Jumping from 128,000 Feet!
Jumping from 128,000 Feet!Ogledi 6 mio.Pred 14 urami
6:52World's Tallest Tower!
World's Tallest Tower!Ogledi 4,4 mio.Pred 7 dnevi
8:01Insane Water Slides!
Insane Water Slides!Ogledi 10 mio.Pred 14 dnevi
10:32The Best 900 IQ Outplay Ever!
The Best 900 IQ Outplay Ever!Ogledi 3,6 mio.Pred 14 dnevi
6:58Bowling Ball vs 600 Feet Drop!
Bowling Ball vs 600 Feet Drop!Ogledi 9 mio.Pred 21 dnevom
8:03Water Balloons in Slow Motion!
Water Balloons in Slow Motion!Ogledi 11 mio.Pred 21 dnevom
15:09Hydro Dipping a PS4 Controller!
Hydro Dipping a PS4 Controller!Ogledi 4,6 mio.Pred letom
11:57Lava vs Iphone XS!
Lava vs Iphone XS!Ogledi 1,7 mio.Pred letom
11:33Hydraulic Press vs Bowling Ball!
Hydraulic Press vs Bowling Ball!Ogledi 1,5 mio.Pred letom
14:071000 Degree Ball vs Toothpaste!
1000 Degree Ball vs Toothpaste!Ogledi 3,7 mio.Pred letom
10:55Liquid Nitrogen vs Samsung!
Liquid Nitrogen vs Samsung!Ogledi 980 tis.Pred letom
11:28Hydraulic Press vs Steel Weight!
Hydraulic Press vs Steel Weight!Ogledi 4,8 mio.Pred letom
10:16Thor’s Hammer vs Helmet!
Thor’s Hammer vs Helmet!Ogledi 7 mio.Pred letom
14:05iPhone 11 Vs FIREWORKS!
iPhone 11 Vs FIREWORKS!Ogledi 752 tis.Pred letom
14:04Dry Ice Swimming Pool!
Dry Ice Swimming Pool!Ogledi 2,5 mio.Pred letom
14:03Magma Vs Liquid Nitrogen!
Magma Vs Liquid Nitrogen!Ogledi 581 tis.Pred letom
14:20Sledge Hammer vs Shredder!
Sledge Hammer vs Shredder!Ogledi 3,9 mio.Pred letom
13:461,000 Degree Ball VS Frozen Water
1,000 Degree Ball VS Frozen WaterOgledi 705 tis.Pred letom
14:32Wolverine Claws vs Watermelon!
Wolverine Claws vs Watermelon!Ogledi 3,7 mio.Pred letom
15:46Best of BeastHacks! - Matchstick Edition
13:46Best of BeastHacks! - iPhone Edition
Best of BeastHacks! - iPhone EditionOgledi 1,7 mio.Pred letom
13:57Ultimate Chainsaw vs Pepsi!
Ultimate Chainsaw vs Pepsi!Ogledi 603 tis.Pred letom
14:261,000 Degree Knife vs Coca Cola
1,000 Degree Knife vs Coca ColaOgledi 1,4 mio.Pred letom
14:13Ultimate Coca Cola vs Mentos Experiment!
14:21Industrial Shredder VS Watermelon!
Industrial Shredder VS Watermelon!Ogledi 1,6 mio.Pred letom
13:382,805 DEGREE LAVA VS Watermelon!
2,805 DEGREE LAVA VS Watermelon!Ogledi 1,5 mio.Pred letom
13:471,000 Degree Ball VS iPhone 11
1,000 Degree Ball VS iPhone 11Ogledi 2,2 mio.Pred letom


  • 5:10 they have sharks

  • I'm from Belgium👍

  • i always get confused when people use feet

  • 0:27

  • I officially have subscribed to mr beast mr beast gaming and mr beast reacts

  • Jimmy, did ya get good sleep last night?

  • I’m starting a movement #letchandlereathisbreadsticks

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  • Chris still wonders if

  • Mr beast apocalypse

  • Its a glow stick

  • "Mr.BeAsT iS mY fAvOrItE cHaNnEl". Lol

  • thanx for the conversion mr beast!!! lmao

  • My blanket is on the cloths line right now so yes I use cloths lines Chris you are now my least favorite character EVEN CHAN CHAN IS BETTER THAN YOU

  • (3:00) what is going on dude bwaaaa

  • I have been on a car on a frozen lake

  • You are the man Mr Beast. I would crawl across that frozen pond for some food. We have run out. Send all food items to MrYeetMan, 5101 Coastal Highway Unit # 30, Ocean City Maryland 21842

  • It is salt if you put salt in water and you put your hand in it the soul grabs onto your hand

  • I like raisins

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  • 16 hours late it’s my mom’s birthday tomorrow

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  • They say chris is still trying to tell Mr Beast what he thinks

  • 2:12 SLnumberr unspeakable

  • hakuna matata

  • i made the fitor jet and its better than the viken!

  • The thing that happened to the bottle of water wasn't ice, it was supersaturation. Because more of something can dissolve into a liquid when the liquid is hotter, you can heat up a liquid, dissolve something into it as much as possible, and then cool it down, and the liquid will be supersaturated. The molecules of the thing that was dissolved are barely able to stay as they are, so as soon as you shake the liquid in any way, such as punching it, the dissolved thing will turn back into what it was in the form of expanding crystals, as we saw here.

  • Did anyone notice that in every beast video Jimmy ends the video suddenly , well it's obvious that it's ended but he ends in a way that makes me think it's over already even though I know it's over

  • Hi mr beast

  • Hell yeah bb it’s BEASTREACTS!!!!!

  • Canadians

  • “He fell really good” 😂😂😂 Wow Chris, you grammar so goodly.

  • Mr beast is talling about being a men but he wearing lipstick

  • This is the best video ever

  • Jimmy claims he’s never seen hail but like 9 years I still remember that there was a big hail storm in WNC

  • Hi

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  • Hail happens when the water in the clouds freeze on the way down

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  • 1:23

  • Fdddd

  • The one that goes in the sharks is in the Bahamas. There is also a slow one that you can see the sharks longer

    • The fast one is the one where all you can see from the top is some brick forming a tunnel to go in the water. It also has sharks

  • 7:02 what is that music

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  • Chris is still wondering

  • Please tell me there's a How Ridiculous fan commenting in the actual comments section. 🙏

  • the.

  • Defying gravity? Looks like regular AoT gear to me.

  • Madmonq is better than RedBull

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  • An Evil monster duh bro

  • its just sad that chris .......uh nvm the end is funny

  • Red bull does give you wings.

  • I wonder... what Chris was wondering about

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