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6:46Flingin’ It With Flula | EJ Neat-O Stat
8:19Dr. Anthony Fauci joins The Arena
Dr. Anthony Fauci joins The ArenaOgledi 20 tis.Pred 10 dnevi
2:15No Easy Buckets | Shaqtin’ A Fool Episode 4
2:36Chuck Celebrates 20 Years With NBA on TNT
4:05The Best of Shaq Laughing on TNT
The Best of Shaq Laughing on TNTOgledi 81 tis.Pred 2 meseci
9:11The Best of Shaq vs. Chuck - Part 1 | NBA on TNT
6:43Game Night Is Back at Studio J | EJ Neat-O Stat
9:40Chance the Rapper Joins The Arena | NBA on TNT
2:25Cari's Champions: McKinley Nelson | The Arena
2:29Cari's Champions: Brayden Harrington
Cari's Champions: Brayden HarringtonOgledi 4,6 tis.Pred 4 meseci
4:44Outside the Bubble | The Arena
Outside the Bubble | The ArenaOgledi 18 tis.Pred 4 meseci
2:07Cari's Champions: Kalin Bennett | The Arena


  • 0:55 bruh 🤒

  • How is a 7 foot, 4x NBA champion this sensitive and insecure 🤷‍♂️

  • Tough love from shaq But of course there are gonna be sensitive people, why I hate our generation

  • 5:20 - skip Kenny's "analysis"

  • Everytime Kenny says "You should know this one" on who he play for

  • Both of them are good men

  • Kenny is wrong, though at least he has a clue about older players. Shaq IMO isn't Top 10 (I normally rank him at 11 or 12). I do say it's arguable if he is Top 10 or not though - it's close.

  • U only grew op watch mj but ur facing two people who played against MJ, watching and playing against a person is different,

  • Shaq is wrong in almost 98 percent of the arguments lol

  • Shaq cool asf 💯

  • The devilish july increasingly grate because gong italy shop amid a acid picture. cynical, obsequious typhoon

  • It's sad to see how often Shaw always goes to the championship excuse. He always uses that excuse & "I got 3 Finals MVP", yet has gone on record & said it's the other guys who wins championships. He's someone who obviously thinks that talking loud during a debate/argument means you're making sense.

  • i wanna see Shaq'ing a fool featuring Shaq


  • Everybody heard Chuck, so we gotta spam 2K to give back to retired players bruh, I’m tired of not seeing Chuck with the rest of the gang WE NEED CHUCK, SHAQ MAKE IT HAPPEN, 2K Community behind y’all

  • just because it wasnt funny or fit in the narrative of inside the nba interview doesn't mean it's a bad interview.... KD answered every question honest and on point... no sugar coating or whatsoever

  • Kenny is so funny because he thinks hes smart

  • I love how you people are clueless on why Kevin Durant responded to Charles like he did, 😂before you assume he’s being disrespectful or anything go look back into history. Charles has been talking about Kevin Durant for 5 years now and you guys expect Durant to be a yes man 😂? Next time somebody who’s been talking bad about you talks to you, you better act like your ok with it just like y’all expect Kevin to act

  • one of the funniest quips on the show imo is when they were lookin at an old clip of chuck explainin that a "hack is a foul" and Shaq just mimics his soft young voice so funny

  • he wasn't rubbin OLL on my back!

  • Hakeem Olajowan won two titles with no one anywhere near as good as D-Wade or Kobe with him He won 2 titles with Robert Horry, Kenny "The jet" Smith and Vernon Maxwell! And he beat players like David Robinson, Patrick Ewing, and yes, Shaq to do it! The Dream is the most underrated player in NBA History. All time leader in blocked shots

  • The 5 Greatest Players of All Time Are, in no order: Jordan, LeBron, The Dream, Wilt and Kareem That is an unbeatable starting 5 Shaq has said himself The Dream was better than him

    • I'd put Bird in place of Lebron. And in terms of greatness, Bill Russel should be at the HEAD of that list.

  • i have the record on my channel

  • Shaq is such a POS

  • Them laughing in the back got me dying 🤣😂😭

  • KG's intensity still there

  • 1:46 Ray Allen wasn't drafted when Shaq is in the Orlando.

  • These guys keep one another young at heart.

  • they can start with black people in america! most racist people on the planet by far

  • He a legend...He a natural

  • Shaq, Pierce, and isiah, should be banned from talking basketball, because every subject about basketball leads back to "THEM" and the days they played....

  • In 1962 Wilt won the scoring title (50 ppg), yet he lost the Game 7 of the 1962 EDF against the Celtics and got outscored by Sam Jones 28 to 22. Where was the 100 points and 50 ppg when it actually mattered? Sam Jones also hit the game winner over Wilt as the Celtics won Game 7, 109-107. Once again, keep in mind that the 1961/62 Sixers had the absolute worst defense in the league, and it was reflected in Russell's high scoring. In the 1962 playoff series alone Bill Russell had games of 31, 31, and 29 pts in the series. Bill Russell never in his career averaged 19 ppg in a season, but he averaged over 20 ppg vs Wilt in both the 1960 and 1962 playoff series - in spite of the fact that Russell was a team-first player who usually did not need to score to dominate a game (à la Bird). In 9 playoff meetings against Russell, Wilt's ppg decreased from his regular season every time, while Russell's increased on multiple occasions.

  • Just average 55% of your free-throws for a career and you'll be ahead of Shaq.

  • Barkley's takes are always weird

  • Cari Champion is probably in her early 50's and bald. The gray hair hat looks ridiculous.

  • You've got to bow down, Wilt," Rodgers told Chamberlain. "Admit it, cat, that we're a much better club with you feeding us part of the time and then getting back to protect our basket." ..Despite grudgingly yielding to Hannum's authority, he still resented the coach, and complained about him to Guy Rodgers, one of his closest friends on the team. But Rogers thought Hannum's strategy was obviously paying off. Rogers wanted to see the Warriors win, and it vexed him that Chamberlain seemed willing to put his own pride ahead of the best interests of the team "You've got to bow down, Wilt," Rodgers told Chamberlain. "Admit it, cat, that we're a much better club with you feeding us part of the time and then getting back to protect our basket."

  • Guy's can I say that with Human Ethics, Kenny is a genius.

  • Bruh Valentine had me dead af... Dude really thought he was doing something nice 🤣🤣

  • Jazz team is scary

  • Nate is so annoying..he would get cooked by chuck in his prime.

  • F chuck lol

  • Shaq tried to bait kenny hard lol. Almost got him to

  • A zebra broke free on the highway. Sounds like a Kevin Hart getting late lie!

  • PG: Magic SG: Jordan; Kobe SF: Lebron; Bird PF: Hakeem; Duncan C: Kareem; Russel, Shaq, Wilt?

    • Hakeem and Tim mostly played Center - but they did both spend SOME time at PF and were great at it. Drop "Mr Brick" Kobe and add Ray Allen or Reggie Miller - you need more long-range support that can actually HIT shots besides Larry Legend.

  • Chuck is so funny and such a good sport about everything 😂

  • for content's sake can someone tell me who they meant?

  • Ernie almost brought a tear to my eye with what he said about them being the closest thing to him having brothers. It’s true also about losing a parent. I knew when my dad was sick that things would never be the same after he was gone.

  • Jesus Drummond fell off bad

  • I’m pretty sure this is the only man in basketball no one hates.

  • Man him crying making me cry, hall of famer, he even styling with the j’s

  • Bucks should have went after harden

  • DePaul Dallas comegys!!!

  • 0:53

  • Shaquille was trying to be funny.. you can tell he died a lil inside when Donovan wanted no part in that disrespectful statement 😂

  • "I can be a vebeternarian, if i wanted to be".... 😂😂😂😂Check how can you be something you can't even say.... 😂😂😂😂

  • Steph, Kobe, Lebron, Kawhi or KD, and Dwight. This ain't even a question!

  • If Shaq is going to consider the Rockets team with Hakeem, Scottie, Charles, and Kenny a Big 4 (way past their prime) then what does he consider the 04 Lakers? Shaq, Kobe, Gary Payton, Karl Malone, Robert Hory, Derek Fisher, Rick Fox By Shaq's logic that's at's at least a "Big 4 and 1/2".

  • Do these guys even watch NBA anymore? This show becomes worse year after year. 🤷‍♂️

  • They forgot about Shaq Fu I use love that video game. When Shaq was at his peak (1998-2002) the only player that I watched in my lifetime that was better was MJ. I’ve never seen a player in my 30yrs have to carry two/three/four players to the rim consistently it was awesome to watch!

  • They went all out on this one. 🤣

  • Talking about MJ era was more physical. LBJ would've dominated the MJ era. He is stronger, faster, taller than MJ last I checked

  • Not putting Lebron in T5 is a laugh, not better then Jordan but T2

  • James a big troll sitting there watching Shaq struggle and not breaking 😂

  • And again break in releasing videos :(

  • "POISON IVY "🤣🤣🤣

  • I think Miami will make the finals.. ;-)

  • Kenny: You're the worst in NBA history? Shaq: yes, of course he is.

  • Bruh the NBA is so soft thanks lebron I think LeBron is actually first All time fatherless superstar of course no wonder the game is so feminine

  • “I could be a veterinarian if I wannabe” 🤣🤣

  • Sir Charles MVP

  • THAT KID GOT RAILED 😂😂😂 1:14

  • What a total crackhead Billy goat

  • Randy Moss belongs there i stg

  • Shaq really don't need to say that. We all know Donovan is one of the most humble and hardworking player. He is talented but pls don't forget he is working hard in the same time to improve himself and helping jazz to get more wins. This Shaq definitely was asking too much from Donovan instead of motivating him. We have to know even the talented players but who could be great as Michael Jordan? The fact is there is only one Michael Jordan. Just like we all know LBJ is the top player in the league now and people still comparing between LBJ and Jordan. So Shaq why were u asking so much from Donovan? Did Donovan say he want to be great as LBJ or Jordan??? No, he didn't! So Shaq, stop pretending u're motivating him. Your words definitely sound like insulting him. Young players won't give a F to your words, and they don't need to.

  • Kenny with the assist to Chuck at the end by saying "don't forget about Alonzo Mourning too" LOL

  • Man i wish MJ and Charles reconcile.

  • Man actually has a decent body idk why he’s embarrassed

  • Confused as to why they are discussing the Inauguration on a sports show. People watch sports to get away from the news!

  • Dr. Fraud has continuously lied to the American public about this disease. He never keeps his facts straight.

  • This man made me fall in love with Basketball again.