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This is the one, and ONLY, Official Gucci Mane SLnumber channel. Don't accept posers, this is the official Gucci Mane channel, period.


3:37Gucci Mane - Truth (Official Music Video)
1:28Gucci Mane Live at Woptober Fest
Gucci Mane Live at Woptober FestOgledi 62 tis.Pred 10 dnevi
2:37Gucci Mane - CEO Flow [Official Video]
Gucci Mane - CEO Flow [Official Video]Ogledi 3,8 mio.Pred mesecem
2:10Gucci Mane - CEO Flow [Official Audio]
Gucci Mane - CEO Flow [Official Audio]Ogledi 185 tis.Pred mesecem
0:37The Gucci Mane Guide to Greatness
The Gucci Mane Guide to GreatnessOgledi 49 tis.Pred mesecem
2:20Big Scarr - Frozone [Official Music Video]
4:4617 Questions with The New 1017!
17 Questions with The New 1017!Ogledi 437 tis.Pred mesecem
0:14The New 1017 Merchandise Available Now !!
2:46Big Scarr - Endzone [Official Music Video]
Big Scarr - Endzone [Official Music Video]Ogledi 4,3 mio.Pred 3 meseci
2:34Roboy - Street Lights [Official Video]
Roboy - Street Lights [Official Video]Ogledi 348 tis.Pred 3 meseci
2:27So Icy Girlz - Left On Read [Official Audio]
3:13Gucci Mane - Who Is Him (feat. Pooh Shiesty)
3:18Gucci Mane - Breasto feat. Foogiano
Gucci Mane - Breasto feat. FoogianoOgledi 2,6 mio.Pred 5 meseci
4:03Gucci Mane - Still Remember feat. Pooh Shiesty
3:01Gucci Mane - Both Sides feat. Lil Baby
Gucci Mane - Both Sides feat. Lil BabyOgledi 21 mio.Pred 6 meseci
2:14Gucci Mane - WWGD (Outro) [Official Audio]
Gucci Mane - WWGD (Outro) [Official Audio]Ogledi 138 tis.Pred 11 meseci
2:32Gucci Mane - Snow [Official Audio]
Gucci Mane - Snow [Official Audio]Ogledi 180 tis.Pred 11 meseci
2:35Gucci Mane - Tony feat. Quavo [Official Audio]
2:30Gucci Mane - Gossip [Official Audio]
Gucci Mane - Gossip [Official Audio]Ogledi 296 tis.Pred 11 meseci
2:19Gucci Mane - Time Flies By [Official Audio]
Gucci Mane - Time Flies By [Official Audio]Ogledi 260 tis.Pred 11 meseci
3:11Gucci Mane - M's On Ice
Gucci Mane - M's On IceOgledi 345 tis.Pred 11 meseci
3:11Gucci Mane - Slide feat. Quavo [Official Audio]
3:41Gucci Mane - Dirty Dancer [Official Audio]
Gucci Mane - Dirty Dancer [Official Audio]Ogledi 311 tis.Pred 11 meseci
3:10Gucci Mane & Jason Derulo - More [Official Audio]
1:39Gucci Mane - Brick Mason [Official Audio]
Gucci Mane - Brick Mason [Official Audio]Ogledi 150 tis.Pred 11 meseci
3:14Gucci Mane - Mr. Wop [Official Audio]
Gucci Mane - Mr. Wop [Official Audio]Ogledi 651 tis.Pred 11 meseci
2:37Gucci Mane - Break Bread [Official Audio]
2:37Gucci Mane - Time to Move [Official Audio]
2:41Gucci Mane - Move Me [Official Audio]
Gucci Mane - Move Me [Official Audio]Ogledi 1,1 mio.Pred letom
2:47Gucci Mane - Making of A Murderer
Gucci Mane - Making of A MurdererOgledi 424 tis.Pred letom
3:07Gucci Mane - Bussdown (Official Audio)
3:26Gucci Mane - Bottom (Official Audio)
Gucci Mane - Bottom (Official Audio)Ogledi 660 tis.Pred letom
2:34Gucci Mane - US (Official Audio)
Gucci Mane - US (Official Audio)Ogledi 269 tis.Pred letom
2:58Gucci Mane - ICE feat. Gunna & Lil Baby
3:13Gucci Mane - Superstar (Official Audio)
2:42Gucci Mane - Lord [Official Audio]
Gucci Mane - Lord [Official Audio]Ogledi 436 tis.Pred 2 leti
2:47Gucci Mane - Hard Feelings [Official Audio]
2:49Gucci Mane - This the Night [Official Audio]
2:57Gucci Mane - By Myself [Official Audio]
2:47Gucci Mane - Money Callin [Official Audio]


  • المسلم لا يشرب شيشه وسيقاره ؟؟

  • “2 baby choppa hid in my coat I’m having power like Ghost “. Man that boy Shiesty the truth

  • RIP to Slim Dunkin

  • @0:56 When he said "Bet he can't say SHIT!!" I felt that

  • It really don't matter this real life get wit it 🤷🤷🤷or get the same

  • Where tf is Ola

  • Behind the scenes

  • It’s that time again 😂❄️ BURRRR

  • gucci no joke. my fave guopm

  • We on this in 2020-2021 believe that

  • My mom singing my mom sing this song and her love to sign then her was her was loving it

  • idc what nobody say this one of the hardest gucci songs before he went to jail next to trap house 3

  • people in the comment section like this a recent song 😂

    • Not Me Doe The Song Is Just The Truth!!!!

  • Going broke and blame Corona as the reason lol

  • This shit slap harder than my 3rd domestic. 🕺🔥🥱🤷🏻‍♂️💀

  • 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬 😬

  • Burrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr‼️💎💎💎💎

  • beat by me

  • Rock dat 💩 Satan creations..😂

  • Damn Satan you pushing it, cloning the chosen one's.🤔😪

  • Love the real Gucci but this copy cat ain't bad..😂

  • Guwop ripped af

  • get off tha gang shyt. Just be a Crew or squad.

  • Im glad they squashed the beef. Althought gucci vs Jeezy hands up woulda been more real. Every best friend ive had ive whipped they ass before

  • Y’all don’t understand how many people hated on Gucci Mane he was always a stand up guy and the industry don’t like that. But the streets always had Gucci back plus who else from Atlanta put on more artist then Gucci Mane ??? This why he the Goat 🐐 his work ethic plus he give a lot of people opportunity

  • 777777777777777777777777

  • This aint got shit on modern day by jeezy .. Jeezys a waaay better rapper period.

  • They always make banggers together. Just like 'again'

  • Yeah shawty bad but she broke and she dont own shit

  • Los daris de chinantla

  • Breakfast club brought me here

  • T.I. pulled up on Lil Flip in H-town, shot at him and ended his career. Gucci callin him out here is crazy

  • Who here after the vz??

  • You got good choices big gucci, both Roboy and Foo are a gang 🔫🎼

  • It's an ATL thang

  • 🍋🌻🌼🐝🍌💊💊💊🥎🍂🍯🏖🌕🔆🏵👱‍♂️🟡🧈


  • Ain't no such thing as victims or Innocent Party's when you're in the streets, No matter what the Issue is, If you're Trapping or Rapping Bout It You fit the above criteria.

  • I’m just a child

  • No one on the Planet can cover this Beat but Gucci ☝🏽

  • 🥶🥶🥶

  • If you play this during the vs battle Jeezy fuck around & woulda dipped

  • What's crazy is you mfkas wasnt even listening to this until he played it in the V.S battle with Jeezy!!! I been playing this since he put this song out!! CATCH UP!!

  • Bart Simpson needs to make a comeback

  • Everybody but glock was garbage, gucci got no flow, n them 2 girls lyrics was weak asf n trash.

  • Slap Slap

  • @kingcravoo from Clayco Ga hwy 42 the best out right now

  • I hit both of them 😙

  • this was on hollween

  • 🔥🔥🔥

  • Yeh diss gana nahi hai. Sacchai gana hai. If you know you know.

  • 🔥🔥🔥🔥

  • Stop fucking playing !! Burr 1017🔥🔥🔥🤝🏽

  • This song so underrated

  • Gucci should of had another verse to even it out‼ The New So Icey Gang‼💯

  • That nigga big Guwop

  • Hi my brother does music and I would really appreciate it if you guys went and supported him he is known as (Von6) he is on spotify,Apple Music,SLnumber and TikTok.

  • When jeezy gave that speech i thought his corner of people was going to start coming out with BLM signs and postals and sh*t!!LMAO😂😂😂 to soft and funny..

  • Alguien habla español???

  • I love the vid so funny aha

  • Smoking on pookie loc tonight🤣🤣

  • “Bipolar from all the killings” .. man that was 🥶

  • I knew it was gone hit over a milly

    • Clone gucci shared the real gucci lol

  • who saw 21 savage live with this song

  • Since no one is gonna say it that beat is fiiire 😈

    • That’s that I think I love her 🔥

  • Big chune still bumping it in 2020

  • You know who phone this is there stealing lots of cash from us herr

  • I love how jus cus gucci the biggest one they still give everyone the same amount of attention and love

  • Spend 2 gs a week on haircuts

  • You can't tell me this bih ain't hard

  • Straight murder music

  • "Versus beef" brought me jamming to all old schoo fuck new schoo🤓

  • bruno mars music just so relaxing no cap

  • 〽️emphis

  • Thank God versus beef brought me here,,,🤓 good ol memories 🤓

  • Classic

  • I have passed my best times with this song.