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BLACK FRIDAY SALE!Ogledi 159 tis.Pred 2 dnevi
3:44Tom MacDonald - "SELLOUT"
Tom MacDonald - "SELLOUT"Ogledi 1,6 mio.Pred 15 dnevi
3:13Tom MacDonald - "NO LIVES MATTER"
Tom MacDonald - "NO LIVES MATTER"Ogledi 4,7 mio.Pred mesecem
3:41Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"
Tom MacDonald - "Cancer"Ogledi 1,7 mio.Pred mesecem
SCARY STORIES w/ TOM MACDONALD!Ogledi 534 tis.Pred mesecem
3:49Tom MacDonald - "Gravestones"
Tom MacDonald - "Gravestones"Ogledi 1,3 mio.Pred 2 meseci
3:23Tom MacDonald - "Im Corny" (TOM MACDONALD DISS)
3:02Tom MacDonald - "People So Stupid"
Tom MacDonald - "People So Stupid"Ogledi 11 mio.Pred 3 meseci
TWO NEW ALBUMS OUT NOW & I'M CRYING!Ogledi 595 tis.Pred 3 meseci
2:42Tom MacDonald - TWO NEW ALBUMS OUT NOW!
Tom MacDonald - TWO NEW ALBUMS OUT NOW!Ogledi 877 tis.Pred 3 meseci
3:44Tom MacDonald - "The Music Industry"
Tom MacDonald - "The Music Industry"Ogledi 2,8 mio.Pred 4 meseci
18:28Tom MacDonald - "My Fans"
Tom MacDonald - "My Fans"Ogledi 897 tis.Pred 5 meseci
5:57Tom MacDonald - "No Response"
Tom MacDonald - "No Response"Ogledi 7 mio.Pred 6 meseci
3:26Tom MacDonald - "I Cant Sleep"
Tom MacDonald - "I Cant Sleep"Ogledi 2,1 mio.Pred 7 meseci
3:59Tom MacDonald - "I Dont Drink"
Tom MacDonald - "I Dont Drink"Ogledi 4,6 mio.Pred 7 meseci
4:49Tom MacDonald ft. DAX - "Blame The Rappers"
3:09Tom MacDonald -"Coronavirus"
Tom MacDonald -"Coronavirus"Ogledi 10 mio.Pred 8 meseci
4:23Tom MacDonald - "I Dont Care"
Tom MacDonald - "I Dont Care"Ogledi 7 mio.Pred 8 meseci
4:10"D.R.U.G" - Tom MacDonald & Madchild
"D.R.U.G" - Tom MacDonald & MadchildOgledi 2 mio.Pred 10 meseci
3:30"White Trash" - Tom MacDonald & Madchild
"White Trash" - Tom MacDonald & MadchildOgledi 6 mio.Pred 10 meseci
3:59Tom MacDonald - "Famous"
Tom MacDonald - "Famous"Ogledi 2,6 mio.Pred 11 meseci
3:58Tom MacDonald - "I Hate Hip Hop"
Tom MacDonald - "I Hate Hip Hop"Ogledi 9 mio.Pred 11 meseci
4:02Tom Macdonald - "Fake Fans" (DISS)
Tom Macdonald - "Fake Fans" (DISS)Ogledi 3 mio.Pred letom
3:55Tom MacDonald - Trying To Kill Me
Tom MacDonald - Trying To Kill MeOgledi 5 mio.Pred letom
3:26Tom Macdonald - "Cloned Rappers"
Tom Macdonald - "Cloned Rappers"Ogledi 3,1 mio.Pred letom
3:35Tom MacDonald - "Ashes"
Tom MacDonald - "Ashes"Ogledi 1,5 mio.Pred letom
1:36Tom MacDonald - "GHOSTORIES" ALBUM
Tom MacDonald - "GHOSTORIES" ALBUMOgledi 378 tis.Pred letom
2:51Tom MacDonald  "Im Sorry"
Tom MacDonald "Im Sorry"Ogledi 6 mio.Pred letom
5:58Tom MacDonald - "Buttholes"
Tom MacDonald - "Buttholes"Ogledi 3,9 mio.Pred letom
3:42"If I Was Black" - Tom MacDonald
"If I Was Black" - Tom MacDonaldOgledi 6 mio.Pred letom
3:43Tom MacDonald - "Straight White Male"
2:59Tom MacDonald - "Sad Rappers"
Tom MacDonald - "Sad Rappers"Ogledi 6 mio.Pred letom
3:42Tom MacDonald - "I Wish" (#IWishChallenge)
3:35Tom MacDonald - "I Wish"
Tom MacDonald - "I Wish"Ogledi 6 mio.Pred letom
3:59Tom MacDonald - "Everybody Hates Me"
Tom MacDonald - "Everybody Hates Me"Ogledi 19 mio.Pred 2 leti
3:24Tom MacDonald - "Helluvit" (LIVE)
Tom MacDonald - "Helluvit" (LIVE)Ogledi 195 tis.Pred 2 leti
4:03Tom MacDonald - "Politically Incorrect"
3:36Tom MacDonald - "The Way I Am" (EMINEM REMIX)
3:08Tom MacDonald - "Hang On" (Prod. by MISERY)
3:42Tom MacDonald - 'Exposure"
Tom MacDonald - 'Exposure"Ogledi 6 mio.Pred 2 leti
2:02Tom MacDonald - "Anarchy" SPOKEN WORD
Tom MacDonald - "Anarchy" SPOKEN WORDOgledi 603 tis.Pred 2 leti
1:40Tom MacDonald - "Anxiety" SPOKEN WORD
Tom MacDonald - "Anxiety" SPOKEN WORDOgledi 684 tis.Pred 2 leti
2:15Tom MacDonald - "Not Alone" SPOKEN WORD
Tom MacDonald - "Not Alone" SPOKEN WORDOgledi 414 tis.Pred 2 leti
1:07Tom MacDonald - "War Is Coming" SPOKEN WORD
2:56Tom MacDonald - "American Dreamz"
Tom MacDonald - "American Dreamz"Ogledi 2,3 mio.Pred 2 leti
4:32Tom MacDonald - "WHITEBOY"
Tom MacDonald - "WHITEBOY"Ogledi 14 mio.Pred 2 leti
3:24Tom MacDonald - "Helluvit"
Tom MacDonald - "Helluvit"Ogledi 7 mio.Pred 2 leti
4:10Tom MacDonald - "Castles"
Tom MacDonald - "Castles"Ogledi 6 mio.Pred 3 leti
3:03Tom MacDonald - "Dear Rappers"
Tom MacDonald - "Dear Rappers"Ogledi 6 mio.Pred 3 leti
3:34Tom MacDonald - "Hangman"
Tom MacDonald - "Hangman"Ogledi 1,7 mio.Pred 3 leti
5:51Tom MacDonald - "Rolling Stone" (ACT I)
Tom MacDonald - "Rolling Stone" (ACT I)Ogledi 498 tis.Pred 4 leti
5:13Tom MacDonald - "Way Off"
Tom MacDonald - "Way Off"Ogledi 2,3 mio.Pred 4 leti
3:28Tom MacDonald - "Number 7"
Tom MacDonald - "Number 7"Ogledi 517 tis.Pred 4 leti
7:05Tom MacDonald - "If I Change"
Tom MacDonald - "If I Change"Ogledi 2,1 mio.Pred 5 leti
3:53Tom MacDonald - "Fight Your Fears"
Tom MacDonald - "Fight Your Fears"Ogledi 14 mio.Pred 5 leti
4:10Tom MacDonald - "Wannabe" (Official Video)


  • You did it with that chicken suit on, didnt you?

  • HA you sing his songs dip shit

  • They cloned Avril Lavigne too sadly

  • omfg tom your a funny fucker

  • That ending though

  • This is true I just woke up for real I realize everything don't ever run from family be happy with them do things with them the first time it didn't wake me up my grandpa died of cancer now my second one has cancer now and the Corona is going around I just seen him this Thanksgiving 😢I've had a terrible life man i pray i get help from a rapper that's up there i want to make a song about my life..because it was hell and i want people to realize be happy and do things with family and don't worry in life...only if you were me you would understand..💔💔😭

  • That was great! 😂😂😂 I got my order in!!

  • oof. "satire" but also capitalistic desperation. sad.

  • Eat some mustard😂😂😂😂

  • I have a question my close friend is trying to get out there he only has a couple hundred subs can we get him some exposure his SLnumber is Timothy Stotesbery he does music a lot like these guys exposing the system and how society is

  • Why haven’t this man blown up he literally spits straight facts.

  • LOL 😆😆👍👍

  • Nova : I am hot and I ain't wearing that stupid chicken thing Tom : listen here you fuck*ng piece of shit

  • White people are the only people screaming “all lives matter”.

    • Maybe it’s because all lives do matter. The fact that saying every single life matters is frowned upon shows how fucked up society is.

  • Its about damn time someone tells the truth

  • Facts.

  • Lmao holly shit that was fucking lit as fuck

  • Ok Tom quick song idea. Rap battle you vs Nova. I try to do it with my lady but she just thinks I’m being a dick. Also she doesn’t rap So I get hit alot, but you guy have the unique relationship to actually make it good and genuine, give it a thought.

  • Put the fucking mask on and the wacky inflatable airman

  • Who else mastered this song before it was a video

  • This is why we don't do drugs kids

  • Well since nova is for sale are you for sale tom? Ill pay full price for both

  • Is she lose some bet or what?

  • @4:33 "I voted to SLnumber a donate button for your mom". Lol.😂

  • Bahaha love it

  • 😂😂😂😂😂the ending made me laugh so hard omg

  • Hey, Tom, I'd just like to tell you what your music has meant to me. I started listening to you about 2-2½ years ago and I'd never heard a hip hop artist talk from the perspective that you do. I had always been a metal head (🤘) both for the musical quality and the lyrics that promoted something other than drugs and sex. You helped me to feel less alone; made it feel like there was someone else who was counted out who made it somewhere. So thank you for being who you are both in your life and your art. You are one of my greatest inspirations (even though I'm sure we disagree on a lot) because as far as I can tell you've always spoke your mind unapologetically despite the possible repricussions. You are a great man (of God IMO) no matter what people say, and I'm so happy to see a young man stand up for what he believes in. It gives me hope for the future, not only for the culture in general, but also for my own. Thank you and God bless, brother.

  • We love you Tom ./ Colorado


  • that has my hair standing straight up!!!!

  • Damn Tom, might wanna check Ed’s neck. He’s gettin your better half undressed without you knowin.

  • 😊

  • Lol, just lol

  • 😊

  • I love how down Nova is for Tom that shit was priceless.

  • it's amazing what suffering does to you....He is very talented and must say I love his music..AMAZING..speaking the truth.

  • Not gunna buy your stuff becauses I'm very poor. Also I'm using my money to help people. Random people who understand respect. Awesome ad though.

  • This is actually garbage. It is a disgrace to all diss tracks. Mac did way better.

  • NoVa In A BikInI Is HaWt!

  • I always thought Nova was cute as hell but Nova with no clothes on got me all kinds of in my feels 🤭😳🥰lol I love you crazy goofballs and I love all y'all stuff I apologize if this don't make a lot of sense I've been drinking

  • You think your Eminem and it’s hilarious. Trash

  • Thought this was a Nova OF ad or some shit....

  • Bro u got a girl with the name of one of the coolest cars in history

  • Btw why did you have to you know what in puplike?

  • That's a nice bed time story but me and my sister we actually going to check that town out for ourselves next month plus u should have caught something on film but u didn't show anything

  • Hey how is everybody doing

  • Weird flex but okay! 😂

  • Tom this one inspires me to stay light hearted and never change from the good man that my wife married no matter what problems we face in life, because at times I feel like I'm shifting but I'll always hold my morals... I put all my pain and struggle into work and the gym.. using powerlifting as an emotional bandaid for my psychological issues, which I traded a previous drug addiction for, when my Dad got cancer. I was an addict for 5 years and now I've been sober, lifting, working for the past 5+ years, went from homeless sleeping on couches to working harder on saving up and getting my own home for me and the girl I loved as we found out at that time she was pregnant! The experience of having my first born son, Aiden, who is almost 2 now and such a strong, beautiful and unique, understanding wife that reminds me alot of you and Novas relationship..! You're going to be a great Dad one day man... i relate about just trying to show them we are going to be alright, even when you yourself struggles to know what move to make next, you find a way, Very motivating Brother.. Highly doubt Tom will get to read this but Thanks for the amazing music. Its been changing my life in great ways, Big Love from Harlan KY , USA

  • Is it signed by tom macdonald himself ?

  • You know this is true, because of how he talks about the part where he couldn't leave his best friend to go and face it alone. That sounds like Tom.

  • 🥯

  • this is my favorite song you ever made my second favorite is gravestones

  • bro this is the song i hear when my sis tell me something like im hungry or wanna play a game or im bored cuz she will cry if i don't answer her

  • TRUMP 2020!!!

  • You can go outside hen they say you can so stay inside and mask up

  • No thanks giving go shopping no restrictions you fools

  • Love how Nova always acts mad in the vids.... but deep down we all kno its all her ideas lol

  • This is fantastic!!

  • well...

  • this is fuking good

  • Tom and Nova are very cool indeed. Anything goes attitude 🤣

  • Hahaha. Fuckn epic!!!

  • 5 albums and a T-shirt for $92!? Fuck yeah bud!