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1:56Bam Adebayo Hits Game-Winner vs. The Nets
Bam Adebayo Hits Game-Winner vs. The NetsOgledi 104 tis.Pred 16 urami
0:43Steph Curry Hits Absurd And-One vs. Celtics


  • Thanks shaq

  • Damn she cute

  • 💯💯

  • lol americans

  • I hate the Patriots but I love this damn song

  • I don't think a conviction or one man's destiny is such a "public/community" thing like they are saying in this video. I think the outcome today was a reflection on one man, not a mob. And if you mean to say that convictions should be tied to community preferences or public emotions, I disagree and would say you've achieved "mob justice" as Maxine Waters would love.

  • Shouldn't take this long to get justice? Where was Biden at? Before he became president?

  • If the kid can lose some weight he might have a chance

  • FREE DEREK CHAUVIN 🇺🇸👮🏾✊🏽🔥🇺🇸

  • many do not know but Boban is one of the most efficient basketball players ever

  • All this to show how delusional paul pierce is 😂

  • You Do The Crime You Pay For The Crime Justice Is Served In The Court Of Law 🇺🇸

  • Everyone knows he was wrong but why so political??? I love this Country just hope the Democrats don't get us into another civil WAR

  • Dam why so many dislikes lol

  • this show be to good

  • 💕💕💕💕💕😔

  • Yea, we stand in solidarity for a criminal and drug dealer.

  • I hope NBA also support stop asian hate just like what they did for the black american community.

  • We are going to win the basketball speach ever. It should be a movie.

  • The jurors were in danger

  • Candace said it perfect!!!!!

  • I'll be glad when all these devils are gone forever. Check the book of Revelation for the real answers of justice.

  • Any server or bartender with experience amcan hold 3-4glasses with one hand no problem

  • I’m just here for all the comments that have nothing to do with anything

  • Love how he said WE gonna tear this mother up Lol nah you know that aint right thats why you will be in your mansion in your boxers while THEY are tearing stuff up

  • Where was the "truck"?

  • Fake outrage is so hot right now!🖕

  • So many cases of actual racism have been swept under the rug. This wasn't one of them.

    • So why are you complaining that a cop who murdered somebody in broad daylight got jail time? Since this isnt "actual" racism (whatever that means).

  • Alot of systematic racism in the nba such as motrezz harell calling luka a "bitch ass white boy"

  • these are so great

  • I swear the lamarcus Aldrich run after he scores or ruinng back on defense 🤣😂🏃🏿‍♂️💨, kyrie was spot on👌 💯🤣 0:40

  • He should've won Roy if he didn't got injured

  • All received education in criminal justice? How would Michael Jackson and O.J. Simpson react?

  • that shit enough reason to get a dude shot in the back of the head real quick

  • all Corporate media are conspiring By Manufacturing Consent, their mission is to misinformed the Viewers 🤫Why, out of so many cases of police brutality, only the cases involving black people get all the attention of Corporate Media?

  • nba let these players be players. you want to talk to somebody about what's going on in this country talk to some woke people

  • Every team needs a jimmy butler.

  • Mamba mentality acquired.

  • We now live under mob rule.

  • Absolutely ❤️🕊️

  • There was no justice, only power.

  • I would expect Shaq to be a little smarter than that but I guess his IQ is somewhere around biden's.

  • Anti-sjw’s are seeking out any content that is left leaning so they can comment hate and downvote. Pretty interesting, who could’ve seen this coming. This is probably why like the ratio looks the way it is rn

  • Ohh really what about the white kid that was 5 and killed by a black man not even the media came out with this , ur just a bunch of hypocrites.

  • Ohh really what about the white kid that was 5 and killed by a black man not even the media came out with this , ur just a bunch of hypocrites.

  • The fact that Joel Embiid is also an MVP candidate and he plays for the 76ers, that really says something


  • All the good people, black and white, who died needlessly this last year and the media chooses to focus all their attention on some worthless piece of shit who probably would have died on his own in a couple of years.

  • *Shut up and Dribble*

  • free chauvin

  • Candance Parker made good points in her statement. Accountability, as long as people only focus is only on police reform and don't talk about personal accountability during police encounter, we will continue to repeat this George Floyd type of incident in the future. Police reform is a good idea, but it's not the fix all solution. The president Biden and famous athletes had opportunity to clearly point out accountability, but they continue to avoid this topic.

  • Lebron couldn’t recognize “king James” must’ve not watched undisputed in awhile

  • Notice how every video has a net downvote. Shows you how much propaganda the media is. What is their agenda with this nonsense

  • As a white man the comments here are sick and it’s quite a reflection of why people of color feel the way they do. It’s really disgusting the comment section. So many undercover angry racists

  • Look at the Klan rally in this video's comment section. Geez! Let's see how many get upset with me, and leave angry replies. Those who don't apply will not.

    • It’s wild bro. Really fucking sad

  • All I can say is: only in Wisconsin😂

  • That verdict is a 9 for me - some guy named Wade likely

  • he had his knee on his neck to protect the man from himself. if the giant body-built, flailing, arrest-resisting, dangerous convicted criminal had decided to attack the police officers trying to get him in the car because he was high, the officers could have had to use strong dangerous forces to defend themselves. the officer was trying to help the man from making bad decisions and getting in more trouble despite his intoxicated state of mind and wrongful behaviors due to use of illegal drugs. the officer is actually a hero, and couldn't have known about the poor man's fragile state of health which lead to his unfortunate demise.

    • Probally one of the dumbest things I’ve read on here. AmaZing

  • Never seen this? Ever here of a guy named "OJ Simpson"?

  • It shouldn't take this long to get "justice"? I'm being sued over a 5 mph "car wreck" (scratched bumper) from over 4 years ago, lol!

  • This makes me love Butler even more. He’s got his teammates back no matter what.

  • Pff urangutang3

  • All the shit talkers quiet Zion playing crazy and is beasting. League is in good hands.

  • This is why Harden always comes up short in playoffs, he's not getting those bs calls.

  • How about asian harassing asian americans?

  • Amen! Thank you, Lord! 🙌🏿🙌🏾🙌🏽🙏🏾🕊❤️

  • 59 haters saw this video