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16:32What Luka Just Did Is Unbelievable
What Luka Just Did Is UnbelievableOgledi 959 tis.Pred dnevom
9:10How Can You Stop This?
How Can You Stop This?Ogledi 1,2 mio.Pred 15 dnevi
9:45The Odds of This Happening Are One in a Million
8:29It's So Much Worse Than We Thought
It's So Much Worse Than We ThoughtOgledi 1 mio.Pred 5 meseci
16:43Ranking Every Current NBA Duo From Best to Worst
12:53The Curse of the Golden State Warriors
The Curse of the Golden State WarriorsOgledi 950 tis.Pred 6 meseci
10:11How Did The NBA Let This Happen
How Did The NBA Let This HappenOgledi 1,1 mio.Pred 6 meseci
12:18When Talking Trash Goes Horribly Wrong
When Talking Trash Goes Horribly WrongOgledi 1,8 mio.Pred 7 meseci
8:09"I Can't Believe What I'm Witnessing"
"I Can't Believe What I'm Witnessing"Ogledi 1,5 mio.Pred 7 meseci
8:55This Changes Nothing
This Changes NothingOgledi 1,5 mio.Pred 8 meseci
10:12LeBron James Was Robbed Again...or was he?
LeBron James Was Robbed Again...or was he?Ogledi 1,1 mio.Pred 8 meseci
13:52I Can't Believe He Actually Pulled This Off
9:15We All Made a Big Mistake....
We All Made a Big Mistake....Ogledi 1 mio.Pred 9 meseci
14:12How Does He Get Away With This?
How Does He Get Away With This?Ogledi 3 mio.Pred 10 meseci
10:39The NBA Has A Big Problem....
The NBA Has A Big Problem....Ogledi 2,3 mio.Pred 11 meseci


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  • Watched until you said you were a Lebron stan. Had to dip at that point.

  • i've seen this video so many times bro it's too good

  • 9:15 FAX 😂

  • Baylor should be higher

  • what the fuck are feets???

  • Your video is fake

  • Change the topic hardest player guarding

  • Derozen or shai

  • It’s kind of crazy to me how this guy was such a gifted, incredible athlete and then goes up against Zach LaVine and gets sauced on. Puts into perspective how freakishly good NBA players are

  • nice vid

  • Did we all forget about Derick Rose at 22? Youngest MVP

  • If you walk off the court while a team is eliminating you from the conference championship you’re a sore loser and if you walk off after you’re up 2-1 you’re still a sore loser 🤷🏽‍♂️

  • Can we get an updated video of this ?

  • Wilt would be OP in today's era

  • How could Kevin Johnson screw up that last play with Barkley under the basket with 1.5 seconds left? That is what lost the series for the Suns! It’s fixed!

  • Leprincess is a fraud i feel bad for you kids with emotional attachments to a man that you dont know

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  • He got owned in the playoffs. Every. Single. Time.

  • The apples fell far from the tree.🤷🏻‍♂️

  • I'm just happy that KD and Curry Made it to tier 4

  • Completely agreed

  • almost forgot to rewatch this video today

  • 14:21 Anthony Davis watching this like: Huh? is he saving me for later? No? Oh okay

  • If I can be honest I don’t watch basketball games and I don’t keep track of the players but I love this channel and its videos. So correct me if I’m wrong but Harden with a center that can grab rebounds well and a remaining team of accurate shooters would be physically unstoppable. I mean, that’s what’s going on here but Kyrie isn’t at the top of shooting-he’s good but he’s not Curry if you get what I mean. It’s scary that this probably isn’t even the peak of Harden’s team-based skills.

  • This was great. It is the same in any profession. An average joe going against someone in a career as a professional. I’m a musician and was good in high school and college. I know a few retired professionals that played my instrument, Trumpet. When you see and hear what they can do, it’s nightmarish. There is a reason they can non-stop for almost 24 hours; a reason they can hang a trumpet on a string and tighten their embouchure (lips) a go up 4 octaves until the horn sounds like a whistle or demonstrate valve and tongue so fast that it is a blur. Professional tennis, track, swimming, etc. it doesn’t matter, Pros are pros for a reason and do what the public doesn’t do

  • Nets have Blake too hahahah f*cking! overpowered team. How did this happen!?

  • lakers should be ad and the bald mamba and that would be goated

  • You don't know rapsody? Sheeesh

  • The 3 pt line was shortened in the season Jordan shot 43% and the one after that. When they moved it back again he continued to shoot like garbage.

  • "It's my channel and there's nothing you can do about it" 😂😂😂

  • I wish Klay would’ve played more than 29 minutes

  • Luka needs way more help!

  • Whe he said “I would love to see Shaw and Kobe again” my heart dropped

  • It's called changing the way the game is played. It's less physical due to the ticky tack fouls. That's why I don't get into the goat debate because the game has changed so much over the years you can't compare eras.

  • what a stupid made up stat just to ''prove'' once again tha mj is the goat. Next video, whats the possibility of a superstar shooting guard having the worst 3pt contest record? or what is the possibility of the ''goat'' being swept twice in the first round. U see dude? It's easy. Your stat means nothing .Bulls was a great team . they could have 5 loses in a row for 8 years and more wins. U cant even make a statistic out of this . U can make this for any good record. Like what are the odds for a team going 73-9? or a player scoring 37 points in a quarter or 100 points in a game? This stupid possibility proves nothing about MJ, other than that he was a very good player playing in a great team

  • Flight would be proud

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    • LeBron dragging that trash bag of a roster all the way to the Finals (only to get swept, that is) just shows how he worked so hard, yet the Front Office failed to help him.

  • Kobe's footwork and jumper+westbrooks intensity and explosiveness+lavines vertical+kawhi's defense+walls speed+rose's/kyries lay up package+wiggins athleticism+ cp3 leadership+ draymond/beverly trashtalk with his own (mj) cunning demeanor and mentality into jimmy butlers body= THE GOAT. Michael Jordan

  • The whole basketball world is gonna weep and cry for 67 years straight when this man, I mean legend dies.

  • Do WNBA players work hard yes xNyth Ex y get paid more no the WNBA doesn’t even make 100 mill while the nba makes over 7 billion the WNBA can not pay their. Players more they really cant

  • Bruh I’m 22yo.... what have I accomplished by now? I’m depressed

  • Lebron is king but michael jordan is the emperor..haha..

  • Warriors win championship in 5 2023

  • The most elite scorer this game has ever seen

  • If this was a few years ago, easily would've been Kobe and D Wade in the top 2 or 3

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  • Greatest player that plays in slow mo of all time lol

  • I thought the rarest thing in Basketball is when the WNBA sells out their tickets.

  • when a team is so good that when the world didn't want them to win:gsw

  • Trash list

  • Please do a video on HGH use in the NBA

  • Ive been watching Jimmy for a minute now . If your a baller or had dreams to ball you will watch . This channel deserves 10m followers

  • Pippen made a book to be released sometime in November this year (2021) and I'm sure it will cost him a lot of trouble. The title is UNGUARDED. Watch out for it.

  • This channel is pure entertainment in numbers. I had no clue this topic would be so engaging... touché 👏👏👏

  • What's the name of the beat on 7:24

  • oh no.

  • well i guess he has a last chance to prove himself, lol lakers might be looking to trade him coz he can't play with bron

  • If this happened to Lebron, he would’ve rolled on the floor 5 times, cry a little, wait till the refs call a flagrant foul on the enemy team before standing up like he didn’t cry and rolled 5 times, THEN TRADE THAT ONE TEAMMATE THAT DIDN’T HELP HIM UP

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  • Dude how is kobe not even here....also comment those watching this in 2021. Btw its just unfair that kobe isn't on this, that guy was basically MJ reincarnated.

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  • 20pts is what you'd expect from a solid player... Get that kristaps porshitings out of the Mavs please....

  • 10:15-10:16 TRACY MCGRADY in caps while the rest are normal

  • Calvin Abueva is like the Dennis Rodman of the Philippines

  • If this game was first to 3 Jordan won lol he made 3 3s unless u showed the same clip twice 😂

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  • Cheesy rubbish about the caucasian 50 attempts to score 20 points James Harden. Overrated as hell. He has his moments, but they come sparingly. You, the media & everyone overrate him because he is a European basketball player playing in the American NBA. Simple.

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  • BBALL Mt. Rushmore Lavar Ball John Rogers Michael Jordan Brian Scalabrine

  • You sure this ain't a Martin Lawrence movie?

  • Tnx for this Jimmy. Regards from Slo;)

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  • Imo : Tier GOAT : MJ Tier 1 : Kareem , LeBron , Magic , Russell Tier 2 : Kobe , Wilt , Bird , Duncan , Shaq , Hakeem